Has any Brock reader “affirmatively admitted” to U.S. DOS in writing on DS-4081 that they renounced U.S. citizenship in part for “tax-related” reasons? [The answer seems to be "no".]

While reading through U.S. Department of State (DOS) form DS-4081 I noticed that the renouncer is required to make (or not make by ticking off a “do not choose” box) to DOS a “written explanation of my reasons for renouncing/relinquishing”.

Has any Brock reader explained in writing on DS-4801 that they renounced for “tax-related reasons”?

Point #10 of

FULL ARTICLE http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2016/06/29/has-any-brock-reader-affirmatively-admitted-to-u-s-dos-in-writing-on-ds-4081-that-they-renounced-u-s-citizenship-in-part-for-tax-related-reasons/


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