If you can spare a few minutes to send an email — and feel that U.S. FATCA “agreements” with sovereign nations are harmful then email your thoughts BY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10 to jscfatca@ttparliament.org


I am glad to see that Isaac Brock Society has picked up on the brewing tempest in Trinidad and Tobago (TT). There are actually a number of significant items that have appeared with respect to TT, one of which may be relevant to the Canadian lawsuit (see below).

Also, note two further things:

1. Expect news of a major new DC initiative shortly.FULL ARTICLE http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2017/02/06/if-you-feel-that-u-s-fatca-agreements-with-sovereign-nations-are-harmful-then-email-your-thoughts-by-friday-february-10-to-jscfatcattparliament-org/


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