U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review/reverse (denied) “standing” of plaintiffs in U.S. FATCA/FATCA IGA/FBAR lawsuit

Spearheaded by Republicans Overseas and the Jim Bopp legal team, a group of plaintiffs (including myself) previously filed a lawsuit in U.S. Court arguing the presence of “…injuries to [“]Americans[“] abroad caused by the coercion of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act(“FATCA”) and Intergovernmental Agreements (“IGAs”) purporting to implement FATCA….”

This lawsuit (15-250; Crawford et al.) was filed on July 14,

FULL ARTICLE http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2018/04/02/u-s-supreme-court-refuses-to-reviewreverse-denied-standing-of-plaintiffs-in-u-s-fatcafatca-igafbar-lawsuit/


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