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Chapter 2 – Brock project: Seeking stories from current or former “U.S. Citizens” who are/were destroyed by attempting to comply with U.S. @CitizenshipTax AKA @NonresidentTax

Background … In a rare instance of “concern” for Americans abroad, Congressman George Holding (Republican North Carolina) may be proposing… Continue reading »

Brock project: Seeking stories from “Proud Americans” who are being destroyed by @NonResidentTax and @CitizenshipTax

Here’s a letter, written in my husband’s name, to the disingenuous–nay, fake–request for statements by the Senate Finance Committee in… Continue reading »

Seeking stories from “Proud Americans” who are being destroyed by @NonResidentTax and @CitizenshipTax

Interesting consolidation of tweets discussing a possible move to #TTF for all the different groups of people classified as #Americansabroad… Continue reading »

Ottawa Brock Lunch – Saturday 26 May

We’ll be getting together for lunch Saturday, 26 May 2018, at 1:00 pm at Montana’s BBQ Restaurant, 1711 Merivale Road… Continue reading »

1,100 names in late-as-usual IRS list of certain ex-citizens

The Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate for Q1 2018 has just been placed on public inspection… Continue reading »

Brock project: Advice on how to explain the effects of the @USTransitionTax through a question in the House of Commons

This Brock comment which just appeared is deserving of its own post and your specific attention, thoughts and assistance. But… Continue reading »

Be on the Lookout! Bubblebustin to be on CBC The National- on the #TransitionTax

                          The best info we have at the… Continue reading »

Outstanding new resource on FATCA, CBT, etc. by Andrew Grossman

A new resource on all the issues faced by expats, #AmericansAbroad, #AccidentalAmericans, #US persons, et al: FATCA: Citizenship-Based Taxation, Foreign… Continue reading »

If you Decide to Comply, DON’T choose a Homelander Tax Compliance Professional

I was very surprised to receive the following email on Friday evening. I cannot recall ever getting anything like this… Continue reading »

Part 9-2: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: From the “Pax Americana” to the “Tax Americana” (cont)

  This is a continuation of the post “Part 9: Responding to the Sec. 965 “transition tax”: From the “Pax… Continue reading »